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Welcome to DogueDeBordeauxGuide.com

Dogue De Bordeaux Guide

Thanks for visiting our guide to the Dogue De Bordeaux dog breed.  We absolutely love these dogs and wanted to put together a comprehensive guide that covers all things Dogue De Bordeaux or French Mastiff. You can look forward to lots of pictures, articles, tips, videos, advice, and more.


First and foremost, the Dogue de Bordeaux is an extremely devoted and loyal dog. Beyond that, this breed is normally quite calm, relaxed, and playful, but can be a handful if aroused. The Dogue de Bordeaux can also be quite stubborn as well, which can make for an interesting dynamic considering its massive strength and bulk. For this reason, this breed is not recommended for first time dog owners. Dogue de Bordeaux is not a particularly aggressive breed and does not tend to instigate physical conflicts, but do not expect it to shy away from a confrontation in order to protect its family. The Dogue de Bordeaux can be a very gentle, patient and loving companion to your children, but as with any dog of its size, interaction with children should be supervised. Due to the sedentary indoor nature of this animal, it will not take more than 60-90 minutes of daily exercise to ensure a calm, loving, and healthy companion for your family.


With a life expectancy of around 5-8 years, and some living as old as 10-12, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a relatively healthy breed of canine. As with many dogs of similar build, they may be prone to bouts of hip and elbow dysplasia. Their short and stubby snouts do make this breed susceptible to issues like grunting, wheezing, and snoring, as well as excessive drooling and slobbering, but these are more annoyances for a potential dog owner rather than health issues for the animal. The Dogue de Bordeaux is native to a relatively small, localized area, and the resulting small gene pool may contribute to additional health issues such as:

●       Sensitivity to temperature extremes

●      Heart diseases including aortic stenosis and dilated cardiomyopathy

  • Footpad Hyperkeratosis

●      Ectropion (an eyelid condition)

While these conditions can be serious health issues for your pet, they are not common.

The Dogue de Bordeaux can be an excellent addition to your family, if you are an experienced dog owner and know how to deal with a large and stubborn yet devoted and loyal companion. Please understand when considering this breed that it is prone to things like slobbering, wheezing, grunting and snoring, which can be unpleasant for many people. Its stocky, muscular build, along with its intimidating look and loyal and devoted nature make this breed a natural guard dog who will fiercely protect its family and territory.

Here are some pictures of our sweet Dogue Rigby

dogue de bordeaux puppy

French Mastiff Puppy

dogue de bordeaux

Our Dogue de Bordeaux Puppy

dogue puppy

As you can see, the Dogue De Bordeaux dog breed is definitely one of the cutest in the world.  They are also one of the most loyal and protective dogs.